What Does Michael Peres Do?

What Does Michael Peres Do?

Michael Peres Mikey Peres HeadshotMichael Peres is the founder of various tech, media, and news startups. Here is a brief overview of his ventures:

SEO For Public Figures

SEO For Public Figures A digital marketing agency offering tailored SEO solutions for individuals and brands, specializing in quality backlinks, Google’s Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panels, and on-page SEO techniques.


SEO My Company

SEO My Company A premier digital marketing firm focused on providing niche services to startups, companies, and brands, aiming to establish a strong online presence and achieve sustainable growth.


Hexa Book Services

Hexa Book Services A full-service agency helping individuals bring their unique ideas to life in the form of professionally written and published books, offering services like ghostwriting, packaging, design, publishing, and more.


Hexa PR Wire

Hexa PR Wire A top-tier press release distribution service specializing in outstanding press release distribution, consulting, and writing solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Hexa Tiger

Hexa Tiger A leading web design agency that crafts bespoke WordPress websites for a diverse range of clients, focusing on visually stunning and functionally seamless website design and development solutions.


Scale My Publication

Scale My Publication A one-stop-shop for online publishing needs, offering a comprehensive set of services like website design, development, digital marketing, audience engagement, and monetization strategies.


News Publications

In addition to his various ventures, Michael Peres is also actively building four internal news publications:

Her Forward

Her Forward A news publication focused on female entrepreneurs and leaders, sharing their inspiration, success stories, challenges, and actionable advice.


Peres Daily

Peres Daily An independent organization covering national and international trending news stories, including politics, daily events, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and economics.


Breaking 9 To 5

Breaking 9 To 5 A platform providing the latest news related to travel and entrepreneurship.


Israel Now

Israel Now A US-based company offering independent reporting and commentary on a diverse range of Israel, Middle-Eastern, and Jewish news.


Block Editorial

Block Editorial A trusted source for high-quality news coverage of the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and Web3, aiming to educate and empower readers with insights, analysis, and perspectives.


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