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Michael Isaac Peres — Mikey to his friends — was born in Montreal, the biggest city in Canada’s Quebec province, in an orthodox Jewish community. Since then, his life has taken a few different twists and turns, but currently, he’s as a software engineer, mathematician, founder, radio host, and a full-time traveller. Peres currently resides in Seattle, Washington, which he uses as an operating base for his various projects.

Peres was diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities when he was young. Over the years, he’s managed to develop his own unorthodox methods of functioning, which have inspired his current lifestyle. Furthermore, it inspires an entire movement which helps other people take control of their own futures and do the same.

By keeping a few different projects on the go at all times, Peres has managed to keep the negative effects of ADHD to a minimum, while making the most of his inherent energy. Peres studied in Israel for a year when he was 17. Then he moved to NYC to pursue a degree in mathematics when he was 22. And eventually graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Jewish Studies when he was 25.

These days, Mikey Peres travels full-time while managing a multitude of different startups, including a web development company (Hexa Tiger), a cloud computing firm (Hecto Fox), and a consultant for established companies in the USA and Canada. In recent times, Peres has been helping others to learn how they, too, can build businesses and travel full-time. He is currently formalizing his lifestyle into a 10-step guide (Breaking 9 To 5). Moreover, it will instruct other people about how to do what he’s done. He’s also working on science, technology, and entrepreneurship podcast. 

Life-long Goal of Michael Peres

Peres’s long-term plan is to continue building his tech companies while working towards his lifelong goal. It’s to leverage his computer science and mathematics knowledge to further research and understanding in the field of biological aging. A habitual learner by nature, these days he’s focusing on studying the biomedical field. His aim is to figure out how he can contribute to the field. Whether he’s tweaking his business interests over coffee in Hawaii or browsing medical textbooks en route to a public speaking event. Peres is always on the go — and with Breaking 9 to 5 on the way. Everybody else will soon be able to learn how to build the same kind of exciting life for themselves as well.