The Future Belongs To Those Who Innovate by Michael Peres

The noise of bureaucracy. Some old traditions die hard.

The pandemic has presented a rapid change in our environment, forcing companies that want to survive to optimize and adapt. Necessity is the mother of invention, and now what differentiates a thriving company from a dying one is how well it can separate value from noise.

Much of that noise is bureaucratic practice. Though such practices were necessary in the past, many of these are archaic and have far outlived their time. Strict office hours, dress codes, slow decision-making mechanisms and quarterly reviews — these put employees under unnecessary restraint, which isn’t necessarily healthy for productivity.

At the end of the day, your clients will remember the value you delivered — not what type of office you delivered it out of. A founder’s goal should always be to put his or her energy towards creating exceptional and unique value; the rest is all noise.

Here’s how the pandemic has cut through that noise and redefined successful workplace models.

Author: Michael Peres
Publisher: Block Editorial