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The WOW ⁢Summit Hong ⁢Kong 2024, which took place on March 26-27, has been hailed as a major success,​ further establishing its reputation as a leading global Web3 event.​ The ⁤summit brought together blockchain experts, industry leaders, and future digital asset pioneers from ‌over⁤ 30 countries, highlighting the industry’s ‍vibrancy and innovation.

Highlights of ⁣the WOW Summit Hong Kong 2024

The‍ event, held in⁢ Hong Kong, Asia’s fintech​ hub, underscored ⁤the ⁤increasing⁣ importance of digital assets in⁣ the global financial landscape. Attendees were ⁤treated to a wide array⁢ of activities, including ⁢panel discussions, side events, and exclusive networking‌ opportunities.

The WOW⁢ Summit Hong​ Kong featured an impressive lineup of speakers,⁤ including ‌Sebastien Borget, Co-founder and COO ⁣of The⁢ Sandbox;⁢ Yat Siu, Chairman and Co-founder, Animoca Brands; Joseph Chan, Under‍ Secretary⁢ for Financial ​Services ​and the ⁣Treasury, ⁢The Government of Hong Kong ​SAR; and ⁣many others. Their presence fostered‍ a dynamic⁤ exchange of ideas and unparalleled insights.

Art ⁢and Blockchain

Sotheby’s presented a captivating digital art ⁣exhibition​ VENET EVENT (2024) – ⁢an exclusive ⁢collection of 500 generative artworks by the esteemed conceptual artist Bernar Venet. ⁢Each piece is a testament to ⁣Venet’s visionary prowess and promises to captivate art enthusiasts worldwide. The highly ‌anticipated release and public ⁤sales of this collection​ are scheduled for this June.

Viola Lukács, Digital art expert and Founder of Violuk Projects, introduced⁤ Bernar Venet’s six-decade exploration⁣ across diverse mediums,⁢ including sculpture, painting, and even sound, and how EVENT (2024) delves into​ the fascinating interplay⁢ of chance and unpredictability‌ within the ‌digital realm.

Looking Forward

Following ​the event’s massive success,‍ Ivan V. Ivanov, Global CEO,⁤ WOW Summit, expressed his excitement for the future. He highlighted​ the⁤ extraordinary traction for the event​ and the extensive ‌international ​media attention it received. He​ also emphasized that ⁢Asia stands at the forefront of innovation in⁢ digital assets and Web3, with WOW Summit emerging as the ‌premier platform ⁤for the global ecosystem to converge.

Exploring ​the Blockchain Landscape

The⁣ carefully curated agenda offered attendees a comprehensive exploration‍ of the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. Panels ⁤and keynote presentations addressed thought-provoking topics, from the transformative power of‍ asset-backed cryptos and‌ the impact of Bitcoin ‌ETFs to navigating complex ⁢regulatory ⁣landscapes and ​shaping long-term industry frameworks.

Support and Success

The Summit’s success wouldn’t⁣ have been possible⁢ without the invaluable ‍contributions of top-notch roster of sponsors, including Platinum Sponsors MMPro Trust,⁢ EXOLO, WOW Earn, Valhalla, InvestHK, LAK3, Zima Bank and Gold⁤ Sponsors ⁣Azbit, ivendPay, Chain⁤ Up, Custonomy, Market⁢ Making⁤ Pro, Tangem,⁣ VALR, all⁢ demonstrating their ⁣unwavering commitment to fostering ​a vibrant and ⁢cutting-edge ​blockchain landscape.

Startup Pitch Competition

Pok Pok, a gamified ‍options protocol using ⁤chicken⁢ NFTs,⁢ triumphed at the Startup Pitch Competition,​ captivating the judges with their creative approach to making options trading ⁤accessible. Congratulations to all‌ participants who ⁢showcased their brilliance on ⁤stage.

After-Party and Future Plans

The WOW‍ Summit Hong Kong culminated with an unforgettable after-party at the ‍iconic Tazmania Ballroom, LKF Tower. ⁢The exclusive event offered breathtaking, panoramic vistas⁣ and attracted⁣ a prestigious guest list, ‍solidifying ‍WOW‍ Summit’s​ reputation⁣ for crafting extraordinary experiences.

WOW Summit is expanding globally and ​looking⁢ for local hosts and partners in Asia, the US, Australia, LATAM,​ and Europe.‍ They ‍are​ also inviting ‌investors to indicate their interest ⁣in ‌the investment in WOW Summit.

About‍ WOW Summit

WOW Summit is a premier Web3 event, where decision-makers in the global crypto​ ecosystem connect to exchange ideas, network and⁤ shape the industry. The Summit ⁤drives the innovative trajectory of Web3, covering cutting-edge trends and innovations in technology.

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