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Waffle House, a 24/7 American chain known for its breakfast combos ‍and late-night⁢ brawls, has ​recently been the subject of numerous requests to be featured in the popular fighting game, Tekken 8. The requests have⁤ been ​so frequent that Katsuhiro Harada, the longtime director​ of‍ Tekken, ​took to‌ social media to inquire about the fascination with Waffle House.

Harada’s Inquiry

Harada’s question was posed just before April Fools’ Day, leading‌ some to⁣ speculate ‍that it might be a‌ joke. However, the director seemed genuinely curious about the requests. He posted, “Ok,⁤ I will only ask ⁢once about this ‌request. Why do some communities send me ‍requests for ‘Waffle House’? Please be sure ‍to explain the basis for the request, including‌ the original ‍story, history and⁤ background. I look forward to an explanation from someone who‌ knows more.”

Understanding the Requests

After receiving explanations, Harada thanked ​everyone and stated that ⁤he ‍now ‌understands the requests. However, he also⁢ pointed‍ out that⁢ the restaurant has both‍ the trademark and the rights to⁤ the restaurant, ‍so if the restaurant⁢ chain’s headquarters refuses to accept his proposal, ⁢it⁤ will not happen. This presents‌ Waffle House with an interesting opportunity.

Employee Concerns

Before any potential collaboration can take place,‍ Waffle House must address the concerns of‍ its employees. Over‍ the past year, employees have been vocal about low⁤ wages ⁢and a lack of security. Some locations are even ​on strike, and the Union of Southern‌ Service Workers has put together a⁣ petition demanding Waffle House⁤ implement changes to improve working conditions. Until these issues​ are resolved, any collaboration with the fighting ⁤game⁤ would⁤ be in‍ poor taste.

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