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Microsoft has initiated the rollout of its latest major update for the Windows 11 operating system. This version boasts the inclusion of a chatbot named Copilot, bearing a similarity to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The generative AI, Copilot, creates human-like textual content with minimal human direction and utilizes large language models trained on vast datasets.

Copilot: A Deeper Dive

Copilot, deriving its intelligence from comprehensive data sets, has the ability to draft emails, provide answers, and seamlessly carry out actions within the Windows environment. Its advanced knowledge is continually augmented by sourcing information from various online websites. This virtual assistant is more than just a chatbot. When activated, either by clicking its icon on the taskbar or using the Windows+C shortcut, users are presented with a panel, enabling them to have a textual conversation with the assistant. Its functionalities overshadow those of Cortana, a prior assistant Microsoft had introduced in 2015.

Integration in Microsoft’s Ecosystem

Earlier, Microsoft had integrated its Bing search engine with a chatbot. This update is essentially a variation of that, enhancing the functionalities of the world’s most dominant PC OS. In the coming week, Microsoft is set to launch Microsoft 365 Copilot, an AI-driven feature for corporate users of its productivity applications.

Comparative Market Share

Windows 11 currently powers approximately 24% of desktop PCs, while Windows 10, receiving support until 2025, accounts for almost 72%. As Windows 10’s support timeline approaches its end, there’s potential for Windows 11 to increase its market share.

Windows 11’s Other New Features

  • Video Editing Capabilities: The built-in Clipchamp video editor now offers an AI-driven auto-compose feature, simplifying the video compilation process.
  • Multilingual Screen Reading: The Narrator feature expands its linguistic support, including several major languages.
  • Energy Saving Features: Adaptive dimming capabilities are introduced to enhance energy efficiency.
  • Cloud Booting: Users can now directly boot into cloud-based Windows versions.
  • Enhanced Snipping Tool: Extracting text from screenshots becomes more intuitive.
  • Backup Solutions: Backup of installed apps and preferences is more streamlined.
  • AI-Powered Paint: The Paint app will soon use AI to convert textual descriptions into images.
  • Taskbar Customizations: Increased options for personalizing the taskbar.
  • Notepad Enhancements: Notepad will now save sessions, allowing users to resume work seamlessly.
  • Smart Photo Search: Enhanced search functionalities in the Photos app.
  • Instant Gaming: Testing has begun for ‘instant games’ within Microsoft’s Store app.
  • Developer Tools: The Dev Home app is introduced, catering to software developers.
  • System Apps Update: Clearer labeling and management options for system apps.

Availability and Future Prospects

Some features, like the Windows Copilot, are currently in preview, with limited regional availability. Microsoft, however, is keen on broadening its reach to other regions in due course.

How to Access the Update

Users eager to experience the 23H2 version of Windows 11 can navigate to the Windows Update section within the Settings app. Microsoft intends to roll out this update universally, ensuring that any potential issues are addressed beforehand.

This article was originally published at:

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