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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face significant challenges heading into 2024. As the business landscape continues to react to post-pandemic ripple effects and economic pressures, SMBs must find not only cost-effective, but seamless solutions to keep up with the times.

Technology can help. However, SMB leaders must use the right kind of technology if they want to avoid ending up buried under costly and confusing tech stacks.

Thryv is blazing new trails through thoughtful, integrated, and comprehensive small business tech solutions. Let’s take a look at today’s challenges facing SMBs and how Thryv’s small business management platform helps address these needs.

Restricted Costs and Terrible Tech Stacks: The SMB Twilight Zone

The rapid evolution of the business world has left companies and consumers alike scrambling to keep up. Larger brands have the depth of resources to make pivots as consumers’ wants and needs shift.

But SMBs? Many are stuck in the middle, struggling to find the resources to properly adapt. SMB owners must find creative ways to keep up with their limited resources.

This compounds the struggle that naturally exists as SMB owners attempt to balance limited revenue with the need to delegate responsibilities as a company grows. From internal hires to outsourcing, everything comes with some kind of price tag.

When things get too expensive, the best option is often technology. However, solutions can come with their own challenges, including bloated and ineffective tech stacks.

According to recent data from Zylo’s 2023 SaaS Management Index (via, a company with under 500 employees uses an average of 172 applications. This comes with a hefty annual spend of $7.9 million.

The takeaway here? Businesses need more than just technology to streamline and simplify their operations. They need clear, cohesive solutions that integrate with one another and are easy to implement. This keeps tech spend minimal and tech stacks clean and effective.

That’s where Thryv comes into the picture.

One Platform to Rule Them All: Thryv’s Comprehensive Small Business Management Solution

Thryv’s team calls its product the “do-it-all small business software.” The goal is to provide seamless tech that covers any tech needs an SMB may have.

With that in mind, the development team has fashioned Thryv into an administrative digital maestro that helps with multiple business needs, including marketing, communications, and organization.

Thryv’s Á La Carte Solutions

As is often the case with modern platforms, Thryv has split its technology into a buffet of á la carte options.

This starts with the brand’s forever-free Thryv Command Center. This gives business owners a sampling of the Thryv experience through an all-in-one communication platform. Thryv Command Center consolidates notifications and makes it possible to conduct voice, video, and text communication through a single app. Both single and group chats are options, and auto-transcribed voicemails make revisiting past communications quick and easy.

Thryv Business Center focuses on productivity. The customer relationship management (CRM) solution helps with scheduling appointments, generating estimates and invoices, and responding to online reviews. It syncs customer information and facilitates digital payments — again, all from the same offering.

Thryv Marketing Center consolidates a brand’s promotional efforts into a single space. It enables the rapid creation of campaign landing pages and high-performing ads. Both local listings and online campaigns are options, and customer data factors into everything, ensuring that users can optimize and target each marketing asset.

Thryv’s Industry Specific Solutions

Thryv further diversifies its platform into different industries. These include health and wellness, home services, legal, nonprofit, and child care, among many others.

These pre-designed options repackage the company’s proven software solutions into tailored offerings that address industry-specific concerns. The brand’s dental platform, for instance, helps with appointment booking and automated reminders. Its plumbing package comes with pre-built solutions for invoice payments and follow-up services.

Using Thrive to Truly Succeed

Technology may be a potential solution for businesses of all sizes. But it only helps if companies use it thoughtfully and integrate it seamlessly. According to Thryv’s 2023 Small Business Index Report, “Overall, 7 in 10 feel that technology gives them an advantage when competing against big organizations.”

All of Thryv’s solutions are designed with one focus in mind: to streamline operations for small and medium-sized organizations. The brand’s comprehensive and consolidated solutions make it possible to tap into the delegating power of technology without building a massive tech stack in the process. This enables small business owners and managers to genuinely put their offices on auto-pilot and focus on the core elements of their business that matter most.


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