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In the world of business, having an identifiable brand that stands out from the rest is important. Think about your favorite brands, their logos, colors, and identity. They stand out from the rest, stick in your mind, and, when presented with a choice, you’ll likely buy the brand you know. Personal branding is very much the same thing, only you’re selling yourself, not a product. Once upon a time, personal image within a corporation was not important, but thanks to the growing influence of social media, personalities are becoming more visible than ever before. You don’t just need to sell your skills and achievements, but in this day and age, you need a brand all to yourself. Today, we know a lot can be said about the role of eyewear in personal branding. Think about Elton John, Eugene Levy, and Woody Allen. They all have a strong brand that features eyeglasses. That underlines how glasses can be leveraged as part of a personal brand, and here’s how you can do it.

Face Shape

People have different shaped faces, and that can dictate what glasses look good on them. There’s no point in choosing glasses that you think suit you – you have to have ones that do suit you. That means considering which ones complement your face shape. If you have an oval face, it’s not such a big issue – you can get away with almost any style when buying glasses. That means you can grab a pair of rounded Ray-Ban glasses, such as the RB3447, and look just as good as you would in a pair of Marc Jacobs 672/CS square rims.

If you have a rounded face, then angular frames, like the aforementioned Marc Jacobs, will suit you best. Likewise, if you have a square face, a pair of rounded frames will look better, so you’re back with the Ray-Bans or, indeed, any other designer you choose. Some people have a heart-shaped face, such as Reese Witherspoon. In that instance, you could try a different pair of Ray-Ben glasses – the aviator styles will likely complement your features.

Personal Style

It isn’t all about face shape – there’s also your personal style to consider. Your glasses are an accessory to a style you’ve already cultivated, and you need to bear that in mind. Are you an edgy, modern dresser? If so, you may wish to pick a contemporary pair of glasses, rectangular perhaps. There are modern rounded glasses that can work, but aviators wouldn’t. They’re better for people who have a classic style, perhaps even retro. Are you a loud dresser? If so, colored frames will suit, whereas a more understated look using neutral colors will require a glasses choice to suit. How you dress will, to some degree, help shape your glasses choice.


What you do will also go some way to helping you pick glasses for your brand. If you’re working in finance or the legal profession, a loud pair of pink-framed Dolce and Gabbana DG5076 glasses won’t work. Go for something understated, subtle, and professional. However, if you’re a social media influencer or a party planner, then why not go big and loud? Oakley Pitchman are a louder color and style, and you might even wish to tint the lenses. Indeed, what you do will almost certainly help drive which glasses you choose to make up your personal brand.


These are just some of the considerations you need to take into account when choosing your eyewear in personal branding. However, do remember that you need to be consistent – there’s no point in choosing three or four pairs, loud and understated, and mixing them up – this will lead to confused branding. Use our guide to pick the right eyeglasses for you, and make sure you stick with them to help build that personal brand.

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