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Taiwan experienced its most powerful earthquake in 25 years, resulting‌ in the ⁣death of‍ 9⁣ people and injuring ​hundreds. ‌The​ magnitude-7.4 ⁢quake was followed by over 200 aftershocks, trapping dozens ⁣of people and ⁤causing​ two buildings in‍ the city of Hualien‍ to teeter dangerously.

Details of the Earthquake

The initial quake was ⁣a powerful rumble that lasted for ‍more than ​a minute on⁤ Wednesday morning, ⁣causing ⁢belongings and even entire buildings to be knocked ⁣askew. The quake was so ⁤strong that ⁤it ⁢triggered tsunami warnings⁣ in Japan, China, and the ⁤Philippines.

Even‌ in a region accustomed to ​earthquakes, the‌ jolt of aftershock after aftershock was startling,‍ occurring every few minutes throughout the day. ‍The magnitude-7.4 quake resulted in⁤ the death of nine people and injured at ⁣least 1,038​ others,⁣ testing an expert quake response system that has​ served as‌ a model in other places.

In Hualien County, close to the⁤ epicenter, 93 people were​ stranded as ‌of Thursday⁣ morning, ‍including dozens⁢ of ⁤cement factory workers in ⁣two rock quarries, according to officials. Forty flights ⁣were canceled or delayed. Around 14,000 households were without water, and 1,000 households were without power.

Aftershocks and Future Concerns

By late​ Wednesday evening, 201 aftershocks had been reported, many over magnitude ‌5. With rain expected⁢ in the coming days, authorities warned of possible landslides.

Chen Hsing-yun, a 26-year-old resident of Hualien,‌ was with ⁢her 2-year-old child and her parents in a ‍third-story⁣ apartment when ‌the quake ​struck. “I was sleeping at home when ‌the shaking started, and it kept‌ shaking and shaking for so long,” ​she said. “After the main ‌earthquake stopped I went downstairs with my baby — but then the ‍tremors kept coming⁤ all ⁢day.”

As Taiwan continues to recover from this devastating earthquake, the ‍world watches and offers support. The resilience ⁢of‌ the Taiwanese people is evident as they navigate through this challenging time.

This article was originally published at:

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