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In a thrilling wave of celebration, the renown AI language firm “” marked a significant victory at the esteemed Global Edtech Startup Awards (GESA) last Thursday. Recognized as the world’s largest ed-tech contest, GESA brought in over 3,000 hopeful competitors vying for recognition.

Among stiff competition, rose to the top. Their unique blend of AI and education demonstrated a powerful revolution in the educational tech sector. A testament to the ever-growing role of advanced AI in education, they introduced efficient, tech-based solutions that are redefining learning processes.

Birthed by Avi Varshavsky, MindCET’s CEO, the purpose of GESA is to champion innovative global ed-tech entrepreneurship. It has accrued a network of more than 6,000 pioneering startups from 134 nations, fostering industry growth and collaboration. These startups are offered invaluable exposure opportunities and experience, fine-tuning their innovative solutions. An inclusive platform for idea exchange, guidance and partnership building, the alliance continually empowers the participating firms.

The victor, Storywizard, brought to life by Israeli natives Ofir Kerker and Nadav Yaron a year before, had a dream to see parents and children working together creating unique bedtime stories. Their concept combined the long-treasured tradition of bedtime storytelling with today’s technological prowess, forming a new medium for familial bonding. More than just a storytelling app, Storywizard fosters creative collaboration and strengthens the essential parent-child bond.

Kerker sheds light on their revolutionary creation saying, “By using cutting-edge AI, we encourage kids to form, edit, and show their bedtime stories focused on their interests”. The platform uses sophisticated technology to not only spark creativity but instil initiative and the ownership in children over their own narrations. Equipped with story prompts and customizable character features, Storywizard allows children the freedom to construct narratives that mirror their experiences and passions.

The innovation has not gone unnoticed. Teachers worldwide are beginning to implement Storywizard as an educational instrument in classrooms. Its adoption in over 1,500 international schools is testimony to its growing reputation in the education sector. Educators are recognizing its potential for increased engagement and creativity among students.

Storywizard empowers students to create narratives about subjects that spark their interest and curiosity, while maintaining an educational framework. This results in increased student involvement. The platform further offers progress monitoring and task personalization for each individual. The built-in analytics provide educators with the means to evaluate learning progress, identify areas for improvement, and design customized lessons to suit students’ needs and proficiency levels.

Though its recent GESA achievement is noteworthy, Storywizard has been making waves since its inception. It has been awarded a digital content proposal and has seen rampant adoption in hundreds of Israeli schools in just a couple of years. Their impactful approach to narrative creationcontinues to garner praise, earmarking Storywizard as a significant player in the EdTech landscape.

The company recently welcomed Ogden Morse, a well-known EdTech entrepreneur and former US educator, as its CEO. Morse aims to boost Storywizard’s presence in the American education market with his extensive background in the sector and previous successes with groundbreaking solutions that transformed American classrooms. Pairing strategic foresight and a deep comprehension of education, Morse will certainly facilitate Storywizard’s continued growth and market dominance.

CET’s CEO, Yossi Bidetz shares his hearty congratulations to the award winners, expressing, “Israel takes great pride as clinches top position in the innovation category.” He also conveyed his admiration for their trailblazing work, citing it as a symbol of inventive excellence and technological progression. Bidetz reiterated how’s success encapsulates the quality and innovation of Israeli startups, setting a new standard for future aspirations.

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