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Netflix’s top 10 list has been dominated by The Gentlemen for over 10 days, holding off all competitors,⁣ including the recent Love is​ Blind reunion episode. The show⁤ was released on March 7 and has since been the most viewed program on the platform.

Prospects⁣ of a Second Season

Given its popularity, the likelihood of a second season exploring Eddie and Susie’s adventures in the drug business seems almost certain. The series ended with many potential paths for new content, and Netflix⁤ is always on the hunt for new hits, especially as older ones like The Crown and Stranger Things come to an end.

The Gentlemen’s‌ Budget Advantage

Another advantage for The Gentlemen is its budget. While the ‍exact cost ​is unknown, it’s clear that the series doesn’t rely heavily on expensive VFX ⁢like many other ​Netflix shows. Additionally, the cast, while talented, doesn’t include ultra-high-profile A-list actors,⁤ making it more cost-effective.

Potential Crossover with the Original Movie

If a⁢ second season is greenlit, it may finally cross over with the original movie ⁢in a meaningful way. Although set in the “same world,” there is no direct connection between the‌ show‍ and movie. It’s possible that they might⁤ bring in a character or two from the original cast to expand the “Guy Ritchie British Crime Universe.”

Actor’s Hopes and Producer’s Plans

Daniel Ings, who plays⁢ Freddy, has expressed his hope that a second season would contain a power ⁤struggle‌ between Freddy and Susie “for the soul of Eddie.” The head of Miramax, which produces the show, ⁢has said​ that‌ they have “started the process” and ‍spoken with Guy Ritchie and ​writers about the prospect of the‌ season 2. This all hinges ‌on season 1 performing well, which it ⁤certainly has.

Given Netflix’s desire⁢ for hits,⁣ the⁤ success ‌of The Gentlemen, and its cost-effectiveness, a second season seems almost guaranteed. It’s just a matter of when ⁣Netflix decides to announce it.

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