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Florida can be easy to cast aside when taken at a superficial level. There’s a fair amount of crime, natural disasters are a constant worry, and it’s a hotspot for grandparents on vacation. It can be surprising then to hear that the state is booming, with younger and older populations flocking to it.

Reasons for Moving to Florida

Yet taking a closer look reveals that this isn’t such a surprising trend. Florida has some more obvious advantages, things like the weather and diverse culture. Although it goes a bit deeper than that as well. Most prominently Florida is having a housing boom. Housing prices in Florida are by no means cheap, resting at an average of $392,000.

At the same time, housing is rapidly expanding within Florida. Down payments are extremely low within the state, interest rates are low, and appreciation is massive. There’s really no better time to be buying a home. Even better, the availability of work in Florida is in a really great state as well. Not only does the state have the highest percentage of small businesses, but it also is seeing employment increases.

This is all coming during a time where work is starting to become problematic in the U.S. Another small bonus is Florida also features a lot of remote work. In 2022 16% of Floridians worked remotely, a number that should continue to rise. Finally the cost of living rests around the national average within Florida. This is pretty impressive considering the cultural relevance of cities like Miami, Tampa, or even Jacksonville.


So why are people moving to Florida? Florida is a growing state with lots of work, reasonable costs, and cultural relevance. Right now it’s in a sweet spot between affordability and size. As the years pass the scale may move away from affordability. Yet this just makes it the perfect place to invest in today.

Why are so many people moving to florida?

This article was originally published at:

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