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Meta is widening its verification spectrum by extending its paid verification badge service to business accounts across its platforms. This new initiative was unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, indicating a step towards a more streamlined and secure business interaction landscape on social media platforms. This development follows in the wake of the earlier launched Meta Verified for creators, and seems to be an answer to growing concerns about brand impersonation and authenticity assurance on digital platforms.

Expansion Details

The Meta Verified subscription service for businesses, priced at $22 a month for either Facebook or Instagram, or $35 a month for both, aims to provide a plethora of benefits similar to what creators enjoy under their version of the service. Among the highlights are priority customer support, impersonation protection, and a verified badge to instill trust amongst the audience. This testing phase is set to commence on Facebook and Instagram in the upcoming weeks, with WhatsApp joining the fray at a later stage.

Verification Mechanism

Unlike the turmoil witnessed on Elon Musk’s X platform, where a similar initiative led to rampant impersonation issues, Meta has incorporated a robust verification mechanism to curb misuse. The process necessitates businesses to fulfill certain activity and security criteria, with a rigorous proof of connection to the business being mandatory for the applicant. This multi-step verification process is intended to ensure that only legitimate businesses get to flaunt the blue check mark, thereby fostering a more reliable business ecosystem.

What’s in Store for Businesses?

The essence of this service is to aid businesses in standing out on Meta’s platforms and establishing a trustworthy rapport with their clientele. Upon subscribing, businesses are entitled to a verified badge, proactive impersonation monitoring, and crucial support for troubleshooting account issues. Moreover, enhanced visibility in search results on Facebook and Instagram, coupled with the ability to create a discoverable landing page on WhatsApp, is on the offer.

On a broader scale, this service is positioned to complement the existing free and paid tools that businesses currently leverage on Meta’s platforms. The initial focus is to empower small businesses in establishing their brand and widening their customer base, with plans of enriching the offering based on feedback from the testing phase.

Financial Implications

The pricing model set at $21.99 USD/month per Facebook page or Instagram account, or $34.99 USD/month for both, is a clear indication of Meta’s intention to monetize its platforms while providing value to businesses. The exact pricing for WhatsApp verification service is yet to be unveiled.


Meta is keen on ensuring a secure environment for both businesses and users interacting on its platforms. The in-built safeguards in the Meta Verified service for businesses are aimed at keeping business impersonation at bay, thus creating a more secure and trustworthy digital interaction space.

Meta’s step towards extending its verification service to businesses is a noteworthy move aimed at fostering a secure and reliable digital business environment. As this feature rolls out in the coming weeks, it’s anticipated to provide a sense of authenticity and trust which is paramount in the digital business ecosystem.

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