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Meta Platforms Inc., previously known as Facebook, has formally notified users that it will cease support for three of its virtual reality (VR) games—Dead and Buried, Dead and Buried II, and Bogo—on March 15, 2024. The notification was sent via email, and no reason for the decision has been disclosed by the company.

Meta discontinues three vr games
Meta Discontinues Three VR Games

Emails to Gamers

Users received emails from Meta indicating that Dead and Buried, Dead and Buried II, and Bogo will no longer be supported after the specified date. The email communication highlighted that players could continue using these games on their Rift, Rift S, or Quest devices until March 15, 2024.

A Brief Description

Dead and Buried and its sequel are virtual reality shooter games that have been part of Meta’s VR offerings for several years. Bogo is different in nature; it’s a pet simulator game. Unlike Dead and Buried, Bogo doesn’t rely on online servers for gameplay, which raises questions about the reasoning behind its discontinuation.

Dead and buried
Dead and Buried

Other Meta Developments

Concurrently, Meta has been working on expanding Horizon Worlds, a separate VR platform that allows users to engage in various activities such as comedy shows and concerts. Horizon Worlds is expected to become available on mobile and web platforms, making it accessible from any internet-connected device.

Horizon worlds
Horizon Worlds

Unexplained Decisions

The abrupt discontinuation of the three games leaves several questions unanswered. For instance, Dead and Buried and its sequel have sizable user bases, and Bogo doesn’t rely on server-based multiplayer functionality. No official explanation has been provided for the cessation of these games, leaving users and industry experts to speculate on Meta’s motives.

Horizon Worlds and Meta’s VR Strategy

The timing of the game discontinuation announcement is particularly notable in light of other initiatives by Meta. The company has been making strides to expand Horizon Worlds beyond VR, enabling access on mobile devices and web browsers. This move suggests a possible shift in Meta’s broader VR strategy, though the company has not confirmed any such change.

The Significance for VR and Meta

While individual game shutdowns are not uncommon in the technology and gaming industries, the lack of explanation from Meta adds a layer of complexity to this case. Meta’s decisions in the VR sphere are closely watched due to the company’s substantial influence in the technology sector. Therefore, any move—such as discontinuing three different VR titles—can have wider implications for the trajectory of virtual reality as a technology and a medium for gaming and social interaction.

Uncertainty and Speculation Persist

Until Meta provides an official reason for the discontinuation of Dead and Buried, Dead and Buried II, and Bogo, users and analysts alike are left with only speculation. The company’s concurrent move to expand Horizon Worlds adds to the ambiguity surrounding Meta’s long-term virtual reality strategy.

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