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The recent World Entrepreneurs Congress (WEC) Turkic Chambers of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) 2nd General Assembly served as a pivotal gathering for women entrepreneurs across the Turkic region. The assembly brought together over 400 businesswomen from diverse backgrounds and countries, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Turkiye, and Hungary.

The event provided a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration, enabling participants to exchange efficient practices, ideas, and resources. Discussions centered on advancing women’s entrepreneurship, fostering regional cooperation, and addressing challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. Key outcomes included reaffirming commitment to breaking down barriers and creating a conducive environment for women entrepreneurs in the Turkic region. The assembly concluded with a consensus to continue efforts in driving forward women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment across the region.

Introduction to Kazakhstan’s Leadership Role

Kazakhstan has recently been named the head of the Women Entrepreneurs Committee (WEC) within the Union of Turkic Chambers of Commerce and Industry (TCCI). This development took place during the second general assembly of the WEC, held on April 18 in Istanbul.

Kazakh Leadership Under Lazzat Ramazanova

Lazzat Ramazanova, the Chairwoman of the Asmar National Association of Women Entrepreneurs and the Atameken Council of Business Women, now leads the committee. Elected as WEC TCCI President, she is set to steer the committee for the next two years. Under Ramazanova’s leadership, the WEC aims to foster the strategic development of regional business projects that actively involve female entrepreneurs. The emphasis is on supporting initiatives that not only generate unique business ideas but also help create a favorable business ecosystem across the Turkic states.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Region

Despite the progress, there are significant challenges that persist, including regional conflicts and climate change impacts. However, Ramazanova highlighted the potential for women to contribute significantly to a sustainable economy through eco-friendly initiatives and responsible business practices.

Looking Forward

The next WEC general assembly is scheduled for mid-October 2025 in Astana. This future meeting will continue to build on the efforts to empower women entrepreneurs and tackle barriers in the Turkic region.

This article was originally published at:

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