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Were you ever caught in a busy place with no headphones around? Have you ever wanted to watch a tutorial without bothering people near you? And there are so many other situations just like these. But what can someone do to keep watching in any circumstance? If you thought about using subtitles, you’re right.

Of course, there are several strong reasons in favor of adding subtitles for a wide range of audiences and watching styles. If you want to spread your message to as many people as possible, Flixier is here to help. Now, you can add subtitles to a video in just a few minutes – keep reading this article and you will find out more!

Add Subtitle to a Video in Minutes

Living in a world where all of us are in a hurry and looking for the best solutions to streamline our daily activities, subtitles have become an essential feature for all video watchers. At the same time, as a creator, you invest a lot of resources to produce videos, thus, you must make sure that the results are in line.

You may be already wondering if there is any way to add subtitles to videos free online. The answer is yes! By using Flixier, you can easily add subtitles to videos automatically and what makes it even better: you can do it free of charge. This powerful online video editor can easily recognize voices from video or audio files, allowing you to save time and enjoy accurate subtitles for your video. Moreover, you can personalize them exactly as you want by choosing one of the over 1000 fonts available.

Is It Worth It to Add Subtitles to a Video Online?

First of all, there is a bunch of reasons to add subtitles to video online. Remember that not everyone can hear your audio, and here we’re not talking only about inclusiveness, but also from a business point of view – with millions of people with hearing impairments all over the world. By using subtitles, your video can reach better numbers, making the content available in different languages and, therefore, more people can watch it.

On the other hand, why not do it when everything gets easier than ever? By using an online video editor like Flixier, you get full flexibility and there is no reason to worry about accessing your project. Everything gets saved in the cloud and you can continue at any time and any place you wish.

Add Subtitle to Video: Get the Job Done in Minutes

Flixier works directly in your web browser, and everything is quickly computed in the cloud. To make the entire process easier to understand, here is a simple three-step guide that will help you add subtitles to your video free and fast!

  1. Upload Your Media: If there are subtitles, there must be a video or at least a sound around, so adding your media to Flixier’s library is the starting point. Press the Get Started button to open the online editor and drag the video to the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Whether you want to upload it from your computer or simply use another online platform such as YouTube, everything will take just a couple of seconds.
  2. Add Subtitles to Your Video: Now, the step you’ve been waiting for is here, and all the subtitle magic is about to happen. On the left side of your screen, you will find the Subtitles button. Once you press it, you must decide if you want to add a subtitle to your video manually or generate it automatically. For the first option, choose the Manual Subtitle Option and simply type in the text boxes that pop up on the screen.If you choose to let Flixier do the work for you, go with the Auto Subtitle option. You just have to make sure that you selected the language you wish from the list, otherwise, the editor will auto-detect it. After everything is generated and synchronized, you can edit the text as well as customize its appearance.
  3. Publish or Download the Video: Now that you are all done with the subtitles, the last step is to download your video or even publish it directly online. The entire process may take from a few seconds to a maximum of three minutes, thanks to the cloud-powered technology.

Easier and Faster than Ever: Add Subtitles to Video with Flixier!

Adding subtitles to a video may sound difficult at first. However, it’s easier than ever thanks to Flixier. Not only is everything intuitive and handy, whether you are a professional editor or a beginner, but it is also fast and flexible. With a wide range of options, such as manual and auto-generated subtitles or customization features, Flixier allows you to add SRT to video from your device too. No matter what, when you add subtitles to a video, your content becomes more accessible to many categories of viewers.

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