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Traditional coworking spaces are falling short of the expectations of remote workers, who want a lively environment for social contact and collaboration in addition to a versatile workspace as distant work becomes more common. These venues are growing more remote and unattractive, which adds to the members’ sense of alienation, given their excessive costs, which range from $200 to $700 per desk and their lack of focus on community development.

Introducing the Community Coworking Model

Introducing Tavern Community Coworking, a cutting-edge concept in coworking that puts community, affordability, and inclusion first. Tavern reduces the cost of real estate by utilizing vacant rooms in hotels, pubs, and restaurants, making coworking more affordable than before with monthly subscriptions as little as $30.

Why Tavern is Different

Tavern distinguishes itself by establishing specialized communities and promoting social interactions via coworking spaces, happy hours, and group lunches. Unlike standard coworking spaces, Tavern creates a win-win partnership with community organizers by helping them expand their reach and generate revenue.

How Tavern Redefines Coworking

In addition to being a place to work, Tavern offers a forum for both professional and personal development. Tavern provides countless opportunities for communication and cooperation, catering to a wide spectrum of cohorts such as podcasters, AdTech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs of color, and LGBTQIA+ campaigners.

FAQs about Tavern Community Coworking

How does Tavern keep membership costs so low?
By reusing underused rooms, Tavern avoids real estate fees and is able to offer memberships starting at $30 per month at an affordable price.

What makes Tavern’s community different from traditional coworking spaces?
Tavern places a strong emphasis on social interactions and cultivates real connections through group activities and collaborations with neighborhood activists.

How does Tavern support community organizers?
Tavern gives community organizers the space and tools they need to stage events and gatherings, enabling them to strengthen their communities and make money.


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This article was originally published at:

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