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Military affairs are a very complex and dangerous profession that can prepare a person all his life for one important task, or an entire war.

The soldier is always in good physical shape, knows how to shoot and interact with his comrades, and relies on the help of armored vehicles, aviation, and artillery.

It’s physically and mentally challenging, and perhaps it’s for the best that most people will never experience these emotions in

real life.

For all fans of military affairs and those who like to play tactical shooters that are as close as possible to real combat operations, the following projects may appeal to you:

  • Escape from Tarkov
  • ARMA 3
  • Operation Flashpoint

Military affairs games escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov

This is a military shooter in the genre of battle royale, which will take you to the fictional city of Tarkov, in which the armies of the United States and Russia have come together in a full

-fledged conflict, but in order not to transform the format of the confrontation into a new world war, all parties to the conflict use private military companies, and military clashes take place exclusively on the territory of Tarkov and adjacent gray zones.

Chief mechanics

You choose your side of the conflict and get your own operative, who will personify your gameplay.

Your basic equipment will leave much to be desired and to get the best format of weapons, you need to make combat missions and look for weapons, ammo, accessories, body armor, backpacks, helmets, and medicines.

You will be opposed by representatives of enemy PMCs and bandits, who can be destroyed or avoided, but you should remember that Tarkov level boosting takes place in any case, if you die on the battlefield, you will lose your character and all your existing equipment, which will simply be stolen.

Some of the property can be saved by simply pre-paying for insurance from local NPCs and such items simply will not be picked up by your killers, and they will be returned to the warehouse.

You need to take into account the presence of bullet ballistics and the need to aim with gravity in mind and take the margin a little higher from the enemy.

Combat exits

This is the most interesting format for tactical actions within a battle group.

You have to cover each other, share equipment, and always be looking for the best places to get weapons, ammunition, accessories and sights, medicines, and various equipment.

If you are played by three or more players, then you will be able to fully carry out tactical techniques for entering and controlling loot points, or holding positions under the onslaught of enemies, or, conversely, fully attacking important points on the map.

All this is done with simple mechanics that will take time to master.

You need to keep the four directions of the compass – the military uses clock terminology to describe the direction of movement, rear, and location of the enemy.

12 o’clock is the direction of the group, 6 is the rear, 3, and 9 are the right and left sides of the battle, or movement, respectively.

The commander controls the movement of the group, the second member of the squad always turns around and looks to the rear in order to prevent the whole squad from getting behind, which can cause literally everyone to die. The rest of the squad monitors 3 and 9 o’clock and information is transmitted in the same format.

First comes the hour, for example, 11, then the distance in meters and the number. The group immediately reforms for combat, but the rear must always be kept in mind because there may be more enemies and it is advisable to find cover that will reduce the number of approaches to your positions that the enemy may choose – then your Tarkov boosting as part of the squad will be more stable.

When you win your first battles by outplaying enemies using tactical actions, you will simply fall in love with Tarkov for such mechanics and will often log on to the servers to enjoy the leveling of Escape from Tarkov.


This is a full-fledged military simulator, which is designed for realistic combat operations as part of a large army. It is largely designed for single playthrough.

You will be briefed and begin a peacekeeping mission as part of a limited contingent of the US Army on fictional islands, where the local army is confronting guerrillas and the constant change of government cannot maintain a stable situation in the country without outside intervention.

While going through the storyline, you will try out most of the mechanics of special forces operations, from clearing the territory to escorting convoys and helping other branches of the military.

Due to the radical change in the situation, combat operations will constantly change and ARMA 3 relies on realism in every large and local battle.

The factor of inventory load and fatigue will play a role in the stability of the weapon; any wound can become fatal without proper medical care, and the tourniquet will not solve the problem but will give a strict timer for healing, otherwise, the player will die.

The weak side of ARMA is the lack of a full-fledged cooperative. Of course, you can play with friends in missions created by the developers or other players, but you won’t be able to go through a full-fledged company, as was the case in Flashpoint.

Operation Flashpoint

This is a cult series of games that launched an entire era of full-fledged military shooter simulations in the early 2000s.

Then it was a projection of a potential conflict between the USA and the USSR in neutral territories, and you will be offered to go through three large official companies – on behalf of an American infantryman, tankman, pilot, and special forces soldier, on the side of the USSR and on the side of the partisans.

All the campaigns are long and interesting and always give you the opportunity to feel like part of a large army, especially in the case of large battles, where more than 100 people and military equipment meet on each side, in addition to all the support of negotiations by radio – Bohemia Interactive and Codemasters have done a great job and set a trend for many developers.

You can also play a newer version, which is related to the conflict between the US and Chinese armies, where you will be offered a full-fledged co-op for four people, where you will complete a series of tasks as part of the action of a group of special forces. You will act as attack aircraft, saboteurs, and scouts. The missions will be different, and you will get special pleasure from the joint assault on villages and airfields.

The latest iteration of the franchise is also interesting but takes place in a different theater of war. It is about the actions of special forces in Afghanistan, so missions await you in the mountains and deserts against the Mujahideen.

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