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DuckDuckGo ​has recently announced ⁣its new Privacy⁤ Pro ​bundled service. This service ‌is designed to⁣ provide⁣ users with‍ more comprehensive privacy tools. The Privacy‌ Pro bundle⁣ will ‌include a VPN, personal data removal service,‍ and 24/7 identify theft restoration. ‍Initially, the service will only be available in ⁤the U.S. for $9.99 per month or $99.99 for a full-year‌ subscription. It will integrate‌ into ⁣and complement ​the company’s already excellent‍ search​ engine ⁢and browser.

Features of the New VPN

The ⁣new VPN, built​ entirely in-house‍ by DuckDuckGo,⁤ promises not to ⁣log​ any user data and will run right in the ⁢DuckDuckGo browser. ‌A ‌standalone VPN app is not currently available. The VPN will allow for up to five ‍simultaneous device ⁢connections, ⁤with 13 server locations in the U.S., Europe, and Canada. ⁣It will also exclusively ⁤use the open-source WireGuard protocol for all connections, which is ​a great choice as it’s still ⁢the fastest and most secure protocol. DuckDuckGo plans to ⁣expand its VPN in the ​future adding more servers and country locations as ⁣well.

Personal Data ‍Removal ‌and Identity ⁢Theft Restoration Services

Subscribers to ‍Privacy ‌Pro can ‍also take advantage of​ a personal data‍ removal feature that will “scan dozens of these sites⁣ for your info and, if found, request its removal, even handling ‌back-and-forth confirmation emails for you automatically behind the scenes.” It will even continue ⁢this process, re-scanning⁤ websites regularly to help minimize the risk of your data ⁢reappearing. ‌Users will be able ‍to view the personal data ⁤that the⁢ service ‍has⁣ already removed at any time from their browser.

To complete‍ the trifecta of ​privacy ​features,‌ Privacy Pro⁣ will‍ include ​an additional identity theft restoration⁣ service. ⁤While its personal data removal feature can ⁢help ⁢reduce the chance⁤ of ‍identity theft, it⁢ can’t outright prevent it. In the event that your identity is stolen or compromised, you can use the ⁤restoration service to begin fixing the issue. For this ⁣service, DuckDuckGo partnered with Iris, a longstanding ‍identify theft ‌advising firm. Users can call⁣ the service 24/7 and Iris agents will take steps to minimize the damage such as freezing credit reports, replacing documents, fixing ⁤fraudulent medical claims, and covering some out-of-pocket costs,‍ and more.

This article was originally published at:

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