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Google Knowledge Panel: An Overview

Google Knowledge Panels are information boxes that appear when users search for entities that are included in the Google Knowledge Graph. These panels are designed to provide searchers with a quick understanding of a topic and are generally reserved for well-known entities such as people, places, and things. While they are commonly seen when searching for movies, television shows, and celebrities, they can also appear for businesses, animals, locations, and even types of plants.

Benefits of The Knowledge Panel

Being featured in a Google Knowledge Panel can be an effective way to enhance your business’s online presence. It can make your brand stand out from other search results, thereby increasing clicks to your website and impressions from searchers. A Knowledge Panel can also make your business appear more credible and authoritative as a source of information.

Google My Business Listing: A Brief Overview

Google My Business is a tool that allows businesses to manage and optimize their Business Profile on Google. With a Google My Business account, businesses can connect with their customers, post business updates to their profile (such as store hours), and track how customers on Google are interacting with their company.

Noticeable Differences Between The Two Panels

 While both Google Knowledge Panels and Google My Business listings are displayed on the right-hand side of a search results page, there are notable differences between the two. Google My Business listings have reviews, while Google Knowledge Panels do not. Additionally, Google My Business listings are geared towards localized data, while Google Knowledge Panels serve a broader presentation. Finally, while Google My Business listings are not particularly notable, Google Knowledge Panels can provide significant credibility to your company.

In summary, Google My Business and Google Knowledge Panels are two distinct elements that serve different purposes. Businesses can benefit from utilizing both of these tools to enhance their online presence and connect with customers on Google.

Google Knowledge Panel

Microsofts Google Knowledge Panel
Microsofts Google Knowledge Panel (

Google My Business

Google My Business Profile (Microsoft Store in Seattle)
Google My Business Profile (Microsoft Store in Seattle)

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