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Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados around the world are abuzz with excitement as the tech giant sends out invites for its upcoming “Scary Fast” event, scheduled for October 30, 2023, at 5 pm PT (5:30 am IST on October 31). While Apple has been characteristically tight-lipped about the specifics of the event, industry insiders and analysts have been speculating about what could be in store.

iMacs and MacBooks in Focus

One of the most anticipated announcements at the event is the expected launch of new iMacs and MacBook models. Apple has not divulged the complete lineup for the event, but there are strong indications that a follow-up model for the 24-inch iMac is on the horizon. The current 24-inch iMac, powered by the M1 chip, has been a favorite among users and is available in an array of colors with a stunning 4.5K retina display boasting 500 nits of peak brightness.

A Potential Pro iMac

Furthermore, industry sources, including Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, have hinted at the possibility of a larger Pro version of the iMac arriving in late 2024 or 2025. However, Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned industry analyst, has a different take, suggesting that the new 24-inch iMac refresh could be unveiled in the coming year. This divergence of opinions keeps the Apple community on their toes, eagerly awaiting official confirmation.

The M3 Chip Speculation

Among the speculations surrounding the event, the introduction of Apple’s latest M3 chip is gaining significant attention. If this proves true, it would mark a significant leap in processing power for the new Mac products. Apple’s continuous innovation in chip technology has been a hallmark of its recent product releases.

No New iPad Models in 2023

While there is much excitement about the potential Mac announcements, Apple has reportedly decided to hold off on launching new iPad models in 2023. The company may instead plan to unveil new iPad models in March 2024, as indicated by reports. This strategic move suggests that Apple is focusing its resources and efforts on other product categories for the time being.

Virtual “Scary Fast” Event

This Apple event is notable not just for its anticipated product launches but also for its timing and format. Streaming at 5 pm PT (8 pm ET), it is an unusual choice for Apple, particularly when considering global audiences. Additionally, like recent events, this one will be entirely virtual, allowing Apple to connect with its audience in a world adapting to remote communication.


As the date of the “Scary Fast” Apple event approaches, the tech world is on the edge of its seat, waiting to see what surprises the Cupertino company has in store. Whether it’s the much-anticipated iMac refresh, the potential introduction of the M3 chip, or other unexpected revelations, Apple continues to captivate its audience with innovation and style.

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