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The news is out that CBD oil is effective for many women’s health problems. It comes from cannabis plants and is available in various strengths. Recently, it’s become a popular treatment for numerous physical ills. Women have found it helpful to treat issues that tend to plague their gender, including those caused by hormonal imbalances. It works to relieve many symptoms, but seven of the most common include the following.

1- Helps With Menopause

Women going through the stages of menopause often suffer from sleep deprivation, physical discomfort, mood shifts, etc. CBD oil may help mitigate pain, inflammation, and sleep issues associated with menopause. Relieving these problems also addresses the mood changes many women experience.

2- Improves Depression and Anxiety

Women suffer from depression almost twice as much as men do. In addition, women’s anxiety is often tied to hormonal shifts, cultural expectations, and abuse. CBD oil has had promising results in relieving these conditions by activating receptors in the brain that generate dopamine, a natural chemical that can reduce anxiety and elevate a person’s mood.

3- Aids in Weight Loss

Some research suggests CBD oil can lower insulin levels, prevent high cholesterol, and aid digestion. People with IBS and other digestive ailments may experience less constipation and bloating. And those looking to lose weight may have more success with the help of CBD oil.

4- Eases PMS Discomfort

The pain and suffering from PMS is real. For some women, the symptoms can last for more than a week and seriously affect the quality of their lives. CBD oil has been shown to lessen pain from menstrual cramps, reduce bloating and tenderness, and stabilize mood.

5- Serves as a Beauty Aid

CBD oil has become an important tool in skin care. Many find that its anti-inflammatory properties make skin look smoother and more radiant. It may also lessen the appearance of dark spots, reduce oiliness, and prevent acne. It has been linked with stronger hair follicles as well. It’s a multi-purpose beauty aid.

6- Offers General Pain Relief

Women suffer from many aches and pains, some hormone-related and some not. CBD oil may decrease all types of pain by working with the endocannabinoid system and neurotransmitters present in the human body.

7- Provides Hormone Balance

Women with hormonal imbalances may find that CBD oil provides relief. A research study found that it may regulate cortisol, a stress-activated hormone that contributes to weight gain. It may also adversely affect sex hormones and those that stimulate the thyroid.

CBD Oil and Women

CBD oil is not simply a trend. Women have found its use relieves many common ailments, including those associated with menopause and PMS. It has a calming effect for those with anxiety, and it also works to lessen depression. High-quality CBD oil is safe and is associated with only mild side effects. So consult your medical professional to make sure it will not interact with any of your current medications.

For many women, CBD oil has become a safe, natural treatment for persistent and troubling physical and mental symptoms. It is certainly a promising alternative to some traditional medicines.

This article was originally published at:

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