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Do you have a business trip to Dublin coming up? You don’t have to spend all your time working in one of Dublin’s most charming and beautiful cities. Mix business with pleasure and experience the fantastic sights, sounds, and tastes that Dublin has to offer.

Let’s explore five fascinating things you can see and do on your upcoming business trip to Dublin.

Food and Drinks

You’ve likely worked up an appetite once you arrive in Dublin. The first thing you should do is immerse yourself in Dublin’s rich and thriving culinary scene. The city’s gastronomic delights will satisfy your tastebuds, regardless of your preference.

If you enjoy fresh and perfectly cooked seafood, visit SOLE Seafood & Grill on William Street South. This restaurant uses locally sourced seafood and serves delectable sea bass, monkfish, and cod fish and chips for mains.

If you prefer steaks, you’ll love Brookwood on 141 Baggot Street Lower. This classic steakhouse serves dry-aged Irish Black Angus beef and other delightful choices. A minor downside with Brookwood is that you can’t walk in. A reservation is mandatory if you want to eat at the restaurant. However, the few minutes you spend making a reservation on the restaurant’s website will be well worth it.


After dinner, perhaps you’d like a drink or two with live music to go with it. Dublin’s nightlife is your answer. The capital of Ireland’s nightlife may not be world-renowned, but it’s still one of the best in Europe. You can find countless bars and pubs throughout this bustling city.

The Temple Bar Pub is a legendary spot for a night out in Dublin. The bar offers an extensive collection of draught beers (draft beers), Irish whiskeys, Scotch whiskeys, and Bourbons. They also serve delicious food, including fresh Galway Bay oysters, cheeseboards, and charcuterie.

The Temple Bar Pub also has live music every day, so you can sing and dance while enjoying your drinks.

If you want more live music, Whelan’s is for you.

As the self-proclaimed best live music venue in Ireland, Whelan’s has a history spanning three decades. Artists who’ve performed at Whelan’s include Jeff Buckley, The Arctic Monkeys, and Arcade Fire. The venue also hosts different events, like disco nights, indie music nights, and stand-up comedy.

To maximize enjoyment and convenience, don’t drag your luggage around with you while exploring the city. Find a luggage storage Dublin location to keep your luggage safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about your luggage. Dublin is a very safe city to visit, and you can use countless luggage storage locations 24/7.


You might be exhausted after a fun night out pub-hopping in Dublin. Recover your energy with a nice, relaxing day at one of Dublin’s many fine beaches.

Balscadden Bay Beach in Howth is among Dublin’s prettiest and most visited beaches. It’s a beautiful place with clear waters perfect for swimming on a sunny day after a night of drinking. End your day by lounging in the sand and watching the sunset.

Portmarnock is another Dublin beach you can visit and spend a relaxing day. This coastal community is famous for its picturesque beaches and the Portmarnock Golf Club.

Visit Portmarnock, and you’ll see a long stretch of beach (approximately 5 kilometers or 3 miles) and crystal-clear waters that are excellent for swimming. You can also stroll along Portmarnock’s beach and watch the sights and people as you walk.


During your business trip to Dublin, if you don’t like the water but still want to go for a relaxing walk on a sunny day, visit a park. Dublin has several easily accessible parks and gardens throughout the city.

Phoenix Park is arguably one of the best enclosed public parks you can go to in Dublin. At 1,750 acres (7.07 square kilometers or 2.73 square miles), it’s also one of the largest in Europe.

One of Phoenix Park’s most significant features is its biodiversity. You can find various plants, trees, and grass within the park.

Phoenix Park is home to a herd of wild fallow deer. Head toward the Papal Cross at the park’s center in the morning, and you may spot the herd. However, since the herd is free to roam the park, you may also spot them in other areas.

In Dublin’s most famous park, you can also find foxes, squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs, ducks, and many other animals.


Some people relax and destress by visiting museums. You’ll be happy to know Dublin is home to many marvelous museums.

Tour the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham if you appreciate contemporary art. The IMMA houses over 3,500 artworks from a diverse group of Irish and international artists.

If you want to learn more about art, the IMMA offers various artist-led programs, workshops, and seminars.

For something more offbeat, check out The Little Museum of Dublin at 15 Saint Stephen’s Green.

The Little Museum of Dublin aims to highlight Ireland’s humor, history, and hospitality. Thus, you’ll find many weird and humorous artifacts, like old newspaper clippings, memorabilia, portraits, and other peculiar items.

To visit the museum, you can either join a guided tour or book an all-day pass (if you don’t want a guided tour).

The museum also has a shop where you can buy scented candles, books, Irish coffee fudge, and other souvenirs.

Visit and Enjoy Dublin

Don’t burn yourself out by focusing only on business during your business trip to Dublin. Treat yourself and enjoy all the wonderful delights that Dublin has to offer. Eat a nice restaurant, visit the city’s numerous parks, or appreciate art at one of Dublin’s renowned museums.


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