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Most women assume the manufacturing industry is heavily male-dominated. They’re scared to start a career in this field because of this reason. According to a report from Bright Horizons, less than a third of women work in manufacturing. This statistic alone makes it intimidating for women to enter an area dominated by white men.

However, the manufacturing industry is changing with the times. More women are entering the field to find a sense of purpose and fulfillment, and this is important girls are encouraged to pursue learning about STEM. There are several reasons why women should consider a career in manufacturing. Higher pay and more jobs are just some of the two reasons. Women will also find a rewarding career that offers growth.

1. Higher Pay

The manufacturing industry pays better than other industries. Most of these jobs offer attractive benefits and competitive salaries. Manufacturing companies also offer on-the-job training, which allows women to learn new skills and advance their careers even faster. That’s not even impossible in industries like technology and sales, which could take years.

2. Job Demand

There’s a huge demand for workers in the manufacturing industry. This area has faced a labor shortage in recent years. This is a result of the pandemic and young adults who opted out of the labor market. Women have a higher chance of finding a higher-paying job that fast-tracks their growth.

Also, there are a wider variety of opportunities in this industry. Job roles include engineers, machinists, project managers, and welders. This gives women a wide opportunity for career paths to choose from. You can easily transition into a job in the manufacturing industry depending on your experience and skills.

3. Inclusive Industry

What makes the manufacturing industry a desirable option for women is that it’s becoming more diverse and inclusive. [2] It’s dedicated itself to expanding opportunities for women of all ethnicities. Apprenticeships make it possible for women to enter the industry. It offers the opportunity to network with other women in this field.

4. Sustainable Career Path

The manufacturing industry also offers educational resources on responsibilities like working with metrology parts. Businesses offer to pay for their employees’ ongoing education and training. This allows them to learn new skills as they start their careers. It also gives women from other industries to join an industry that will grow by over 3% by 2028.

5. Opportunities for Growth

Women are being valued in this industry. There are opportunities for them to become leaders. This makes a difference in their self-worth and confidence. Women who are interested in leadership roles can advance their careers in less time. They’ll also make more impact in the industry.

The manufacturing industry can be a fulfilling industry for women. It’s more diverse and inclusive than previously assumed. There are plenty of opportunities available, higher pay, and the chance to become a leader. Women have more career choices in this field. Most of them are entering the manufacturing industry so they can make a positive impact.

This article was originally published at:

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