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Do you want a new motivational speaker for an upcoming luncheon? You’re most likely looking for someone who values women’s rights. She also has to be credible enough to relay this information to your attendees. However, finding new speakers can be a difficult task.

Sometimes it’s a full-time job in itself. The goal is to find a speaker who’s the most representative of your brand and women’s luncheon. It’s the most important component of a successful event. Here are four tips on finding the perfect speakers for your next luncheon.

1. Utilize Social Media

Social media is a no-brainer for finding a motivational speaker. It can help you seek potential speakers and decide if their voice is a good fit for your brand. You can use Instagram and LinkedIn to find them. Another option is to discover new speakers through TED Talk videos on YouTube.

2. Use a Professional Speaker Service

A professional speaker service can connect you with a few possibilities. You’ll learn more about the topics they discuss, so you can choose the right one for your next luncheon. These bureaus will connect you with one that fits a particular niche. Based on your budget, business goals, objectives, themes, and budget, the bureau will offer a wide variety of speakers.

3. Seek Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Your research shouldn’t just include online resources. You should also seek out your local chamber of commerce. This association offers more benefits to members. You might also get more access to speakers.

Businesses join their local chamber of commerce to increase visibility. It’s also a great way for future attendees to learn about your women’s lunch. Chambers of Commerce unites businesses and often hosts their events. They host speakers who have expertise on a specific topic that could relate to your interests.

4. Attend Networking Events

Beef up your networking connections. Don’t forget about reaching out to your network and thinking back on any events you attended. Use the connections you already made to find a speaker. You should also ask your colleagues and friends for recommendations. Don’t brush off any motivational speakers who inspire them.

Maybe you made a connection with a speaker in the past. As you visit more events, try to reach out to those speakers. They could help host your future women’s luncheon.

Over to You

With these tips in mind, it’s possible to find a motivational speaker for your women’s luncheon. She should fit all the aspects that you want in an industry leader. Combine some or all of these tips so you can maximize your efforts in finding the best speaker possible.

The speaker that you have in mind should make a positive impact on your event. The last thing you need is to hire a speaker who doesn’t resonate with your brand or doesn’t value women’s entrepreneurship.

By following the above tips and information, you should be able to find a motivating and encouraging female motivational speaker that suits you and your organization’s needs.

This article was originally published at:

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