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It’s quickly become a cashless society that requires the use of a credit or debit card. However, personal checks are still used by many women. There are several advantages to writing a personal check for a business or individual.

Even with all the personal options available today, it’s important to learn about your options so you can make the best financial decision. Here are four reasons why women should have paper checks with them everywhere they go.

1. Safety Reasons

The biggest reason for women to use paper checks is for safety reasons. Contrary to popular belief, they’re safer to mail than a money order or cash. It’s harder to see or feel a personal check in the envelope since it blends in with paper.

Thieves are less likely to steal a personal check over a gift card or cash. They can’t be cashed by anybody since it causes a hassle for you and thieves. They want access to cash and money that comes in other forms, such as debit and credit cards. Personal checks don’t offer that immediate value since it can take days or weeks to cash them.

2. No Bank Account Necessary

Personal checks are easier for individuals to cash. There’s no need to open a bank account to receive the money. You don’t have to deposit them into a bank account. You also don’t have to deal with the burden of electronic funds. When you give someone a paper check, they will be able to cash the check in-person or deposit into their own bank account.

3. You Can Personalize Them

Paper checks are customizable, which is ideal for women. You can customize them according to your personality, interests, and style. Not only can you personalize your checks, but you can also customize the checkbook covers with various colors and designs.

Women who purchase checks online or at the bank can choose from inspirational, scenic, floral, or cartoon checks. Your checks can even have added features like address labels or protection against check fraud.

4. You Can Write Personal Notes

This is ideal for women who want that special touch. It brings a human element to giving money, especially around the holiday season. You can use the memo field to write a little note to the recipient. Personal checks offer the opportunity for creativity and fun that most electronic payments do not.

You can use checks for both personal and business reasons. They come with design benefits and features that you wouldn’t get from other payment methods. One important thing to note is the added security features that you’ll get. You’ll feel safer about sending a personal check in the mail, as long as you use a white sheet of paper that protects it.

Women who carry around a checkbook don’t have to worry about their cash or credit cards getting stolen. Checks make it harder for thieves to access your money due to the added security features. While credit and debit cards are easier to carry around, they’re often not backed by safety and security benefits.

This article was originally published at:

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