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As more and more people across the world seek a work-life balance that truly suits them and embraces the benefits of remote working, we’re seeing a rise in the number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners who describe themselves as digital nomads.

In this article, we’ll look at what’s attracting so many people to the digital nomad lifestyle and look at some of the most popular destinations for those with the freedom to work from anywhere they want in the world.

What is a Digital Nomad?

‘Digital nomad’ is a fairly recent term and is used to describe individuals who operate a business online and don’t need physical premises to work from. In many ways, it’s an extension of working from home.

If all you need to operate your business is an internet connection, what’s stopping you from traveling the world and experiencing different cultures without taking time off?

Of course, you’ll need to first make sure that the location you want to work from offers high-speed Wi-Fi, but apart from that, the world really is your oyster.

The Top Ten Global Destinations for Digital Nomads

Where you choose to base yourself will be determined as much by personal preference as need. You’ll need to think about the cost of living, culture, climate, and language before deciding where to set up. But one of the best things about being a digital nomad is that you’re not tied to any one place. You can move wherever and whenever you want.

So, in no particular order, let’s take a look at the top destinations:

1. Mexico

Beautiful landscapes, heritage, and a vibrant culture combine to create the kind of laid-back vibe most digital nomads are looking for. There are frequent flights from America and it’s a great location for digital nomad beginners.

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $750 – $1000
  • Visa type: Temporary residence visa for remote workers
  • Visa cost: $190 – $390 depending on length

2. Indonesia

Breathtaking natural beauty and welcoming hosts make Indonesia the perfect place to combine work and pleasure. Indonesia has embraced the digital nomad culture and there are lots of co-working stations popping up.

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $900 – $1400
  • Visa type: B211a visa
  • Visa cost: $135 for 60-day single-entry

3. Costa Rica

You’re never short of warm hospitality, vibrant culture, or stunning cuisine in Costa Rica. There are also tax benefits to be had for remote workers based here. From most US destinations, you can fly to Costa Rica with eDreams directly in around five hours. For the best rates, book in advance!

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $1000 – $1600
  • Visa type: Long stay visa with remote workers and service providers sub-category
  • Visa cost: $90 upfront with further fees payable on approval

4. Canada

Canada exudes breathtaking natural beauty and diverse culture. A year here offers a unique opportunity to truly experience all four seasons. It’s close to the US and makes for a good first-time digital nomad.

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $1000 – $1400
  • Visa type: New remote worker visa due by end of 2023
  • Visa cost: TBC

5. Istanbul

Where East meets West. Istanbul is blessed with stunning sights, sumptuous cuisine, and lively nightlife. It’s also one of the world’s coffee hotspots! Non-stop flights to Turkey are available from some major US airports.

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $750 – $1000
  • Visa type: eVisa available for US and Canadian citizens
  • Visa cost: Nil

6. Italy

Italian culture is a fusion of ancient and modern architecture with a beautiful and varied landscape. Visit picturesque Tuscany, experience the vibrant life of Rome, or go skiing by the Alps. Direct flights are available from the US.

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $1000 – $1200
  • Visa type: Remote worker visa due to be released soon
  • Visa cost: TBC

7. Spain

Spain is so much more than a beach holiday destination. It has a rich heritage, a unique way of life, and lots of expat communities. For diversity and inclusivity, you can’t go wrong with Spain. Direct flights from the US to Spain are available.

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $1000 – $1200
  • Visa type: Remote worker visa
  • Visa cost: Around $100

8. Croatia

Once a hidden gem, Croatia’s secret is now out.  The affordable cost of living and laid-back atmosphere make it a great spot for digital nomads. It’s not always easy to get direct flights to Croatia from the US, so it’s best to plan well ahead.

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $750 – $1000
  • Visa type: Croatian remote worker visa
  • Visa cost: $65 USDS with a further $325 for a residence card

9. Thailand

Thailand was one of the first places to embrace digital nomadism owing to its reputation as a travelers’ paradise. The strong expat and digital nomad community makes it easy to find like-minded individuals to connect with. Direct flights can be found from some major US airports to Bangkok.

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $600 – $800
  • Visa type: LTR visa
  • Visa cost: $1375.00

10. Portugal

Portugal offers a unique blend of relaxation and excitement and already has a large expat community. The diverse landscape and welcoming locals make this an ideal place for anybody looking to work in a relaxed environment. As with Thailand, direct flights can be found from some major US airports to Portugal.

  • Avg. monthly cost of living: $650 – $950
  • Visa type: Digital nomad visa
  • Visa cost: Temporary visa $75, Long term visa $90

In the age of digital nomadism, the world truly becomes an open canvas for those seeking a flexible and enriching work-life balance. As we’ve explored the allure of this lifestyle and delved into some of the top global destinations that cater to remote workers, it’s evident that the opportunities are endless. Whether you’re drawn to the tropical paradises of Southeast Asia or the cultural gems of Europe, the digital nomad movement continues to redefine the boundaries of where and how we work. So, pack your laptop and explore the world, because as a digital nomad, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


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