"I cannot stress how important it is for you to discover what you love, and intelligently strategize your life around it"
--Michael Peres


Available. working all night! 

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Working on weekend. Call in if needed. 

currently in Santa Monica, California
Michael here! I run 2 tech companies in LA, work in the entertainment industry and am engrossed in some amazing startups and engineering works. I'm a Mathematician, Software Engineer but most importantly i'm a passionate advocate for science. Unbound by time and space, science allows us to see where our eyes can not. From the inner depths of the electron to the dark corners of our universe.

Whether you're looking to create a superb website, make a powerful impression online, engage in scientific endeavors, present a startup, or just general tech advice it would be nothing short of a pleasure to connect.

Tell me about your unique story, plans and skills ... let's create something amazing!
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A Hexa Tiger System
My Fashionology

Rivkah Levy was born and raised in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, a place where the culture, the fashion and the scents of Europe and the Americas blend together. This is the city that breathed into me the love of fashion and haute couture, of the Arts and everything related to Beauty. Having recently become a wife and a mother, now more than ever, I can appreciate and taste real Beauty.

We rebuilt their entire website, and revolutionized their online presence. 

instagram count: 23.2K 

website   ●  instagram
A Hexa Tiger System
The Serhant Team

Led by star broker Ryan Serhant of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing New York," The Serhant Team of Nest Seekers International is the #1 Sales Team in New York and #5 Sales Team in the Nation as ranked by the WSJ Real Trends 2016.

I completely rebuilt Ryan's website, setup and maintain his web server, alongside a strong working relationship with his and his talented team. 

instagram count: 552K

website   ●  instagram
A Hexa Tiger System
Eishes Style

Eliana is arguably the most influential fashion bloggers in the Jewish world. Eishes Style, is a play on words and means 'Woman of Style'. It comes from the hebrew phrase Eishes Chayil, which translates to a ' Woman of Valor'. As her Instagram followers grew the idea of a blog seemed like the next logical step as a way to communicate with fans.

I rebuilt her website, and maintain her web server. 

instagram count: 22.5K 

website   ●  instagram
A Hexa Tiger System

H2rOse is an all natural beverage uniquely made of rose water, saffron and other natural ingredients. Crisp, light, refreshing and delicious! H2rOse can be found at stores like Gelsons, Vons and Whole Foods. 

I rebuilt their website, and consistently make sure all is fully operational. Their Instagram is a must see!

instagram count: 27.8K 

website   ●  instagram
A Hexa Tiger System
Kosher 90210

Where Kosher and luxury meet! Kosher 90210 is an Upscale Kosher Certification & Lifestyle brand for food establishments in an era where health consciousness and educated consumers are aware of the many benefits of eating kosher.

We rebuilt their entire website, and revolutionized their online presence. 

instagram count: 30.2K 

website   ●  instagram
A Hexa Tiger System
Dalton Elite

Rated one of the most influential Real Estate agents in North Carolina, Joseph Dalton is a real estate expert, former Marine pilot, and native of eastern North Carolina. His innovative real estate systems continue to deliver Elite results for buyers and sellers along the coast of North Carolina.

I rebuilt their website, redesigned his online presence, and maintain their web server. We are dominating his social media.  

instagram count: 14.5K

website   ●  instagram
A Hexa Tiger System
Goss Club

Goss has become an international movement to #BeGossy. It was founded in 2016, and opened its HeadQuarters in Shanghai, China in January 2017. It has infiltrated the North American market in Montreal, Miami, Los Angeles and is now expanding in Asia.

I completely rebuilt Rebecca's website, maintain her web server and maintain a strong working relationship. 

website   ●  instagram
A Hexa Tiger System
X Suit

The House of X is not your average fashion brand. We set out to revolutionize fashion techwear – starting with the classic suit. The X Suit is a blend of contemporary style and tailoring integrated with the latest advancements in fashion technology.

I have created their website, maintain their servers, and provide online marketing services.

instagram count: 19.5K

website   ●  instagram